Biggest news events of 2014

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From Ebola outbreak to airplane that is missing. As with every other year, there are a number of occasions happening in 2014 that are more important than many others. According to my party, here are a few occasions that trembled the world and events that will make the year 2014 unforgettable. There may be others that aren’t contained, while I’ve tried to list many events that I’ll recall of 2014. Do feel free to add in the comments below in case you think there is any other important occasions who I have left out and should be included.


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Ebola virus outbreak is the first event this year, which may be noted and initial reports of the virus emerged in West Africa. The Ebola virus fast turned into an outbreak. When the World Health Organization claimed the report released indicating five to six thousand fatalities was a gross underestimation. A number of cases were reported in countries like Spain, Germany and USA which triggered huge worldwide outbreak panic. Luckily, the exceptionally feared Armageddon scenario didn’t reveal the ending of 2014.

The Nigerian kidnapping where 276 female students were driven off to unknown location is another event that surprised many. The group claiming the accountability named themselves as Boko Haram and they cited their resistance to westernization as the root cause of their extremism. This occurrence has brought anxiety to parents who now feel very insecure and are stress each time they’re far from their daughters. With such misery going on around the globe, I have learnt to appreciate the safety I can only pray for a better future and love in my place.

After Osama bin Laden’s departure, the world supposed the basis for activism was de-escalated. The unexpected development of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) caught the world by surprise. The US military was caught off guard and acknowledged they might have grossly underestimated the strength of the extremist movement. ISIL used social media platforms by uploading videos of kidnapped foreign citizens being beheaded to spread propaganda. USA nevertheless mustered the world and started a massive offensive assault in an effort to ruin ISIL in 2014.

To me, I remember the 2014 as the year when money war happened. It is clear to me from the money change that we found occurring in 2014, though no country on earth would acknowledge this. Few years back, the world accused of keeping their Yuan artificially low so as to enhance demand for their export China. But now we’re seeing many states. Among these, the Japanese Yen is the one huge currency that dove in 2014. By the end of 2014, the Japanese Yen fell by approximately 40% when in comparison to the stage it was at the start of the year. This is certainly to what’s popularly called Abenomics, thanks. China and South Korea have been slowly worried and they have declared that some activities will surely be taken if the Japanese Yen’s steady decline is carried on by it.

There are still many occasions that occurred in the year 2014 that are siginficant to you and have never been covered in my list. I believe that is to be anticipated since it is not possible for all of us to see things the identical manner. You might have your own interests and those interests will discover how we see the siginficance of an event.

Questions to ask before buying a bean bag chair

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Bean Bag is perhaps among the more under rated parts of pleasure furniture that an individual can purchase. Selecting the right bean bag chairs and a bean-bag sofa can have a tremendous impact in your life style in ways that you’ve never of that you and before. We often associate furniture with all wood parts with vintage finishes, virtually sterile objects that do not really lead to our lives in any significant manner. However, when you add a fun bit like a bean-bag in to the blend, rooms and spaces accept an entirely new dynamic – providing you a boost to your interesting, originality, and general happiness like you’dn’t believe. If you have uncertainty about the real usefulness of bean beag, here are few potential use cases to give you some notion.

Pregnant women are among those that love bean bag more than anyone else. Maternity brings great news but it is a demanding journey that last no shorter than 36 months, at least for most people. There are few essential things that unless you really have been through it, you’ll not understand its importance. Sleep posture is the one which if not correctly looked after, could result in persistent back pain. The additional that a girl is in to the pregnancy interval, the more vital it is that she has for herself the finest chair that will fit in to the changing contour of her bodily body. A well-developed bean bag chair makes the greatest pregnancy furniture because they cradle you rather than push you into uncomfortable situations.

Kids have been one of the most constant bean bag enthusiasts. You can see for yourself the epinephrine-like reaction from children at the sight of beanbag couch and I will wager with you that they’re going to require little reluctance to jump in to it. In fact, lots of parents decide to purchase their beanbag not for themselves but for their children. One reason kids adore their bean bags is because they have the liberty to transform it into any shapes they enjoy. Children have a tendency to get bored quite easily and also this feature of beanbag makes it the best furniture for children. As parents, you need not worry that your children will suffer with tumble and lumps because there is just no sharp edges in the first place.

What you’ve just seen are only small chances of what you can use a beanbag for. No other kind of furniture offers the kind of versatility and comfort that a a bean bag offers and it is up to you to envision how you desire to put it to use. Increasingly frequent are legume beags that are readily made but these will not be as great compared to ones which were customized fully according to your liking and taste. But sadly talking, something that deals with customization cannot be mass-produced and less popular among business owners. Consider yourself fortunate if you can such vender which means that you could likely choose shape, fabric and pattern that’s greatest to your liking.



How the Pixar’s Best Films changed my view of life

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If there’s a gold standard award for cartoon firm, the solution will be apparent to a lot of folks. Pixar has never failed to come up with animation blockbuster film each year, since the first Toy story was released back in 1995. This is a remarkable feat. A movie production company has to release more than one hit every year if it’s going to remain lucrative. Nevertheless, Pixar are simply a cut over the remaining part of the movie generation world. They do not need to release more than one movie a year. Pixar can manage to do this since they’re very proficient at what they do and none of their animated movies has ever did not get a slot in the box office successes. Let us go through some of characters or the films by Pixar that have become some of my most favorite.

Toy Story required the world by storm when it was released in 1995. The film was so successful that Pixar was instantly propelled by it to popularity. Woody, the key character in the movie, is no stranger to children today. The story behind Toy Story is a classic that resonates through time and appeals to just about anyone. Virtually all of us are guilty of mistreating our toys in one way or another. The film serves to remind us that we handle them nicely and must value our toys. The second installment of the movie appeals more to me than any other of the two.

The next pick is for the foodies and let’s face it, we all share a love and passion for food. With that said, Ratatouille is a film that any food lover or critic must see. Personally I’ve watched this movie more than ten times and each time I do so is consistently thrilled. The movie, like the majority of Pixar’s productions, isn’t centered on a human being, but a lovable rat. For anybody who has not viewed the film, the story of a rat becoming a gourmet chef does not seem quite appealing as rats are considered pests who eat all our food up. But as usual, Pixar does not fail to convince an audience with astounding animation and its exceptional storytelling manners. This is actually an achievement that simply Pixar has been able to create and not duplicated by another production house.

Subsequently in 2004, another movie that spelled a break out of their customary strategy of using creatures as their movies principal characters was released by Pixar. That unusual-style film was The Incredibles. There’s something different with the characters featured in this film although I love most of Marvel’s super heroes characters. The movie is really a masterpiece as it combines the most entertaining elements of Hollywood hits in one picture. Its story is full of experience that is huge, bringing to life the story of an unconventional fun-loving family through the state-of-the-art technology of the time. The animated film overturned the idea that superheroes have to be solitary supernaturally gifted people.


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After years of being an independent firm, Pixar is now owned by Disney. Amid a cloud of adverse outlooks, Disney acquired Pixar in that year on impact the move would have on the company’s future work. Ever since then, Pixar has released several blockbuster movies which have been on par with all the quality of movies released as an unaffiliated business. However, there is one thing that I wonder about. I have constantly pondered if this acquisition has led to the departure of imagination and the technological advancement in any way. I ponder if there can ever be another breakthrough just like when they did it with the Toy Story back in 1995. No matter the result I will continue to enjoy the cartoons Pixar makes and am optimistic that the cartoon icon will not disappoint.

My personal collection of 10 most memorable tweets in 2014

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  • A Selfie is all it takes for Ellen to Break the Twitter Record

  • 2014 World Cup Final Between Germany vs Brazil

  • Alibaba IPO trumps all previous records

  • Facebook is buying Whatsapp. Price Tag? $19 Billion

  • The Mysterious MH370

  • Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 shot down

  • Ebola Outbreak threatens the World

  • Autopsy confirms Robin Williams death is due to suicide

  • The world is shocked that Hello Kitty is actually a human girl

  • Kate Middleton’s second baby is due in April 2015

About myself

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Many folks are obsessed with millions of exceptional things in life. Technology is something that I am passionate about. Let’s attempt to give some thought to it and pause for a minute. If there’s any field where change is the only continuous, it will be technology and such is the pace of innovation that if you speak to some folks, the mention of technology can be quite intimidating.

Try asking your father or grandfather to change a Word doc or use a filter to the photograph that you’ve simply taken using the cellphone camera. Don’t be surprised that such little tasks that we tend to take for granted can be seen as tremendously challenging. Some people refer to them as technology laggard. We may presume it’s a hilarious problem but flash yourself few decades down the road.

Wearable gadgets is the hot issue right now. It is a technology that’s still very much in its infancy stage. First, we have the Google glass. Even though I Have read reviews of it and tried to envision the possibility, I still can’t figure out how the Google glass can be embraced for mainstream use. And then there’s the watch that is smart. It’s true that we have seen several smart watches sold and being released in the marketplace but what I can tell you is the race is just at the beginning stage and the future certainly seems exciting.

Not long ago, Jeff Bezo unveiled the challenging plan of using drone to solve the last mile delivery bottleneck of the firm of Amazon. What follows shortly after is a skyrocketing excitement to use drone for civilian function. I remember there was a beer firm who catches the limelight during one of the superbowl show. If you wonder how that can be realized, it’s not complex. The company made a video showing how the drone was used to dispatch the beer delivery order of the company’s. Personally, I absolutely adore that thought.


I am not and I am only a common people who has an obsession over technology stuffs and I love to write, though you may think I’m an informed geek but the truth is. I’m a self-proclaimed tech blogger and I expect from my blogging, I ‘ll not helping my readers, but keeping myself intact with the most recent state of the art technology. I always love working together with folks. If you believe there’s any way I can be helpful to your company, please drop me a line.